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I palestinesi chiedono di far parte dell'Unesco, e Israele risponde che, se questo avviene, gli Usa tagliano i fondi (= il 22% del budget) all'Unesco
medesima  http://nena-news.globalist.it/?p=13316

Amira, su quale è l'essenza del conflitto. In italiano:

Da Paola ECO:   Video che si occupa nello specifico di come Tony Blair fa quattrini (mi sa che faccia il paio con Berlusconi - usare il pubblico per
finanziare le sue privatissime tasche). Invio in particolare per l'esame di
quel che fa - e non fa - relativamente alla Palestina

Blog su Piazza Tahir:


For those of you who are not familiar with this initiative, it is in a few words an International People’s Tribunal created by a large group of citizens involved in the promotion of peace and justice in the Middle East. I invite you to visit the

As some of you know, in 2009, I had the chance to spend a few months
in South Africa for a research that was in my head for long. My main
findings were on the one hand that the apartheid analogy could trigger
a movement with the potential to influence a re-balance of the power
asymmetry between the Palestinians and the State of Israel. And, on
the other hand, that the “apartheid approach” would be better received
and adopted if sponsored by a united voice from some key South African
public figures working from a common platform.

With this key event, the Third Session of the Tribunal Russell on
Palestine taking place in South Africa, we have the opportunity now to
transform the vision of the situation in the Palestinian territories
occupied by Israel and render the plight of the Palestinian more
familiar among the public opinion.

The session will take place in a very symbolic place, the District Six
Museum in Cape Town, will be led and attended by key international
figures (Stéphane Hessel and Desmond Tutu among others)  and will
question the following:

are Israel practices against the Palestinian People in breach of the
prohibition on Apartheid under International Law?

The debate is open within the civil society and as well inside governments and intergovernmental organisations where the recent events open a new window on the treatment of the Palestinian issue on the diplomatic agenda and may give legitimacy to the efforts of the civil society on the ground.

As the situation in South Africa was the catalyst for consideration of
the issue of racism by the United Nations General Assembly and would
dominate that debate for decades and finally lead to a democratic
election for a non racial South Africa, the situation of the Palestinian People could be the catalyst towards re-opening the debate around apartheid and colonization and bring new possibilities of a more balanced negotiated resolution of the conflict. Will international governments keep with their double standards or will they finally stand beyond the mechanisms they created?

So make yourself part of today’s initiative to  sustain a citizen’s initiative in support of the rights of the Palestinian people, with public international law as a legal frame of reference.

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